Ancich Work Session

February 2017

Council will meet to review staff's recommendations for Boat Storage at Ancich Park. Preliminary interior layout designs and proposed policy guidelines for future users includes requirements, lease terms, public benefit and cost. Agenda

Staff will also brief Council on recent findings regarding the Ancich Netshed. Rumors that the structure is unsalvageable or that future moorage for Gig Harbor's commercial fishermen invalidates state funding -- are false.  To learn more, read the original Ancich Netshed Heritage Grant and attend Monday's Work Session.

Feb 6, 2017 Worksession -- CANCELLED

(new date will be posted when rescheduled) 

Ancich Netshed at Risk

December 2016

When Ancich Netshed was registered as a Historic Site in 2009, the intent was to preserve the netshed NOT REPLICATE it. 

The Design Review Board (DRB) was scheduled to consider staff's recommendation in the Jan 3 Staff Report to demolish the building. Revisions to those recommendations are currently under review which has prompted a delay in the Certificate of Appropriateness review process. Go to City Website for revised Jan 11 Staff Report and Exhibits.

Jan 12, 2017 DRB Meeting -- CANCELLED

Jan 26, 2017 DRB Meeting -- CANCELLED

Excerpt from 1-3-17 City Report Case PL-HR-16-0003 to DRB:

The existing netshed is proposed to be demolished and rebuilt to the historical construction standards and design.

Any changes to a historic property listed on the Gig Harbor Register of Historic Places requires a formal public review to certify that the integrity of the property is, in fact, being preserved. The ability to issue a Certificate of Appropriateness depends on reviewing the originating document.  The Ancich Historic Register (HR) record on file from 2008 is PL HR 08-0001. 

When the Ancich Netshed Project was ranked for funding from the Washington State Heritage Capital Projects Fund in 2014, the approval process was tied directly to the City’s assurances that it could preserve the exterior shell of the structure. 

A preliminary design and cost estimate submitted as part of the Grant Application by engineering consultants, Sitts & Hill, described a method of construction that would preserve the existing netshed while replacing any failing piling beneath the shed. It is the same methodology used to successfully restore Skansie Netshed.  It is cheaper and authentic.

Excerpt from 2015-2017 Heritage Capital Projects Fund Grant Application:

 A.  Ancich Project Scope of Work and Schedule Narrative -- Describe the size and scope of what will be designed, constructed, rehabilitated, and/or purchased.

The existing netshed is approximately 24-feet wide by 44-feet long, supported by an existing pier.  Timber stringers are supported by timber pile caps over timber piles. Portions of the siding are missing, which has exposed the interior framing members of the structure to the salt water marine environment. It is also likely that the framing members within have deteriorated, due to beaching in the wall cladding.  Framing members comprising the roof and wall structures are inadequate to support code required roof live or snow loading.  The stringers spanning between the pile caps of the pier show visible sagging/deflection
New pressure treated timber piles will be installed into pre-dug holes below the existing pier and net shed. Holes will be pre-dug either by hand or by a small power auger. New pressure treated glued-laminated pile caps and any required replacement joists and stringers will be installed and secured in place, after which the existing piles and pile caps can be removed. (The existing piles will be removed either by hand or with the use of a small bobcat and then removed from the site for lawful disposal.)
Pressure treated timber cross bracing members will be installed at several locations below the net shed to provide lateral stability to the shallowly embedded piles.  The netshed itself will be strengthened from within, to preserve the historic appearance of the structure.  Sawn wood or engineered lumber frames will be constructed within the existing structure to support the existing roof and walls. Lateral bracing will be provided with either wood or steel cross bracing or conventional wood structural panel  shear walls, installed at the interior frames. The existing cladding will be repaired as required to reseal the building against the elements. This methodology will minimize the aesthetic impacts to the exterior appearance of the structure, by performing the majority of the repair work within the netshed. Due to the generally poor conditions of the existing timber decking, stringers, pile caps and piles that comprise the north fixed pier surrounding the net shed,the entire supporting pier structure will be removed and replaced. New steel pipe piles will be driven to support gravity and lateral loads for the upgraded pier. New pressure treated glued laminated pile caps and pressure treated timber stringers will be installed over the steel pipe piles.


Eddon Boat was also restored under a Heritage Grant. It had similar structural deficits. The City's promise to preserve the historic integrity of the Eddon Boat building resulted in contracting with SHKS architects who specialize in the restoration of historic properties. They applied the same methodology described by Sitts and Hill. Today, the façade of Eddon Boat remains intact inside and out.  The interior walls are visible to the public and are not covered in plywood.  Other than minor replacement boards, the exterior siding is original.  (before and after below)

Preservation of the Ancich Netshed can be accomplished without destroying it.  Attend the DRB meeting (when rescheduled) at City Hall - 3510 Grandview Street) and express your own opinions or email your City Council

Historic Preservation depends on community advocacy.