Councilmember Reply

May 15, 2017


Thanks for your note. I respectfully disagree that any decisions have been
made. I twice met in a group setting with Mr. Cheney and Mr. Hickey
(Councilmember Malich attended one of those meetings). They just did it as a
courtesy to let us know they would be applying. I've had the same meetings
with lots of folks in GH including Ms. Woock and Lita Dawn. I met with the
pro-marijuana guys at least 5 or 6 times before voting to ban on
recreational pot dealing in GH. In those cases and here, no deals were made
at all. There have been no official meetings that I have been a part of as
it relates to OHP.

I have no problem eventually voting no and I don't believe we will get sued
if we ultimately don't make something happen. As you probably know, I am a
lawyer and feel pretty confident I understand what we are doing.

My biggest problem with "zoning" as we know it is that a landowner can hire
really smart developers who find ways to get around the intent of the zoning
and build really cheap/ugly stuff. Obviously we all love GH but there are a
lot of building that passed zoning/DRB, etc. scrutiny that are pretty

The thing I like about development agreements and the like is that we get a
say. We can use our leverage to deny the project as a means to ensure that
if something is built that it is really nice and truly benefits the public.

I understand many people don't want the OHP project in any form. There are
others who are supportive. I'm keeping an open mind.