A Pattern of Indifference

The Demolition of Ancich Netshed


Excerpt from 1-3-17 City Report Case PL-HR-16-0003:

The existing netshed is proposed to be demolished and rebuilt to the historical construction standards and design.

I see a pattern of indifference regarding the built heritage of Gig Harbor. Our current city administration, through decisions like the Ancich Netshed demolition and others, is manifesting a clear disrespect for the historic preservation process. Moreover, they are rejecting past preservation work of our community advocates and our last two city administrations. Cavalier behavior towards our most precious structures guarantees a loss of heritage. Demolishing historic structures and reconstructing them may seem expedient but it's a far cry from a historic preservation ethic. Working hard at retaining our historic built environment, of which the Ancich Netshed is an important component, is a fundamental quality of a well-rounded community.   

Guy Hoppen