Swearing In Ceremony

In an unprecedented win, Mayor-Elect Kit Kuhn is committed to redirecting City Government on a path of transparency and good-will.  Thanks to his decision to serve the public, we remain optimistic about Gig Harbor’s future.

Please join us as we applaud this ceremonial transition of power during the "Swearing In Ceremony" at City Hall on Monday, December 18 at 5:30 pm.  Kit will take his seat as Mayor officially on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.

Additional public comments…

I am so grateful to have taken a small part in this movement. Mostly because of Kit & Kathy. We couldn't ask for more wonderful folks at the helm. And secondly because our town now has more time to further establish a permanent "village" environment in the basin - a place where you won't see tall buildings, big block stores, massive parking lots, etc. and where our history (the working waterfront) is preserved or tastefully re-purposed. 

Towns like Carmel CA and Cannon Beach OR must have gone through a similar period where high-end development was permanently pushed away and scale and balance ruled the day making them desirable places to live. 

Gig Harbor indeed has a bright future. 

John McMillan, Gig Harbor Resident

This town pulling together reminded me of a larger event the greater Gig Harbor community pulled together for about 15+ years ago.... Walmart told the community it was pleased to be moving into Gig Harbor with a Super Store. Folks started thinking about the effect of that style of operation on the many small and medium sized stores. Folks started to say: "no."

Walmart said, “We is will hire a lot of people and have the lowest prices in town.” Folks still said no. Walmart stated they were coming anyway and they were going to be where Safeway is today. Folks really got loud and unified; finally Walmart pulled out and went to Port Orchard. 

We as a community stood down the biggest retailer in the nation by pulling together. The election was like that - when we pull together.

We are with you Kit & Kathy.

Dan & Marcie Smith and a whole lot of others