Development Agreements

I had been away from Gig Harbor for quite a few years, but recently moved back. I was not able to find another community with the character that downtown Gig Harbor offers. Until recently, I was of the mind that the City Of Gig Harbor had been very careful to preserve the history, heritage, and character of this community. I was able to justify the City's decision to allow unchecked development in the Gig Harbor North area because it did not directly compromise the downtown area.

Now I have learned that the city intends to sidestep it's own planning and land use code in order to construct a high density apartment complex downtown.

The City's land use code has until recently been an effective tool in regulating development to ensure that the character of the downtown area is preserved and protected from this exact type of project. The proposed development should be subject to the same planning and zoning regulations as any other applicant/owner would face. This project is popular only to those (few) who stand to directly benefit from it.

Zachary Worrell

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the next DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENTS meeting is: 

Plng & Blg Committee   Mon - Mar 20, 2017 - 5:30 pm

Gig Harbor Civic Center | 3510 Grandview Street

The meeting will focus on the Public Input Process for Development Agreements. Public Comment will be allowed. (Committee Councilmembers: Paul Kadzik | Steve Ekberg | Rahna Lovrovich)

Below is the area that can (under current Development Agreement allowances) bypass all zoning regulations and circumvent public input.

Let City Council know what you think.