Representing the Community

A majority of those who attended the City’s Feb 13 Development Agreement Meeting voted against giving Council the authority to “deviate” from Gig Harbor’s zoning codes (taller/bigger buildings in Gig Harbor's downtown residential and commercial districts). Most people believe that Gig Harbor's Development Agreement (as written) is in direct conflict with state law.

In response to this opposition, Council promised more public input.  That public input is scheduled:


If Council believes that Development Agreements are important because they offer valuable “Public Benefits” --- then it is the PUBLIC that should be the first to evaluate them. 

Instead, a super-majority of 7 electeds are opposing what may be a super-majority of City Residents and Property Owners who are against Development Agreements that "deviate" from adopted City codes and state law.

If you would like to provide input that will be added to the public record, contact the City, attend Monday's meeting, or email your Council Representatives and ask that it be added to the public record on this issue.