The One Harbor Point project of town is currently zoned Residential Medium. 

The Triangle itself is zoned RB-1 and includes two R-2 parcels (see Harbor Area Zoning & Intent Statement).

Excerpt from City website ...

 Amend the zoning of 2 parcels adjacent to the intersection and between Harborview Drive and Soundview Drive from the existing RB-1 designation to RB-2 or R-3.  

The City's Land Use Matrix (close-up below) shows allowed uses for each Zoning Designation:  C = conditional,  P = permitted,   "-" = not allowed

In response to overwhelming testimony against the proposed changes, the Planning Commission tabled the request until additional traffic analysis can be completed.  

Up-zoning of the Triangle Parcels to RB-2 or R-3 (circled below) would greatly benefit the One Harbor Point Project.

Below is the Map presented during the Planning Commission's Public Hearing on May 19, 2016. (Triangle Parcels circled in red)