Mayor Jill Guernsey Facebook Post 

October 21, 2017

A new LOW for my opponent and his supporters!

I am truly disappointed in the turn this election has taken. I’ve worked hard and stayed positive, but now I am faced with a “hit piece,” full of lies and mailed to Gig Harbor residents.

This hit piece was primarily paid for by Jeff Kadke, my opponent’s main financial supporter. How do I know this? According to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission’s website, Kadke contributed $999.00 to a PAC (Political Action Committee) called Working Families of King County PAC (PDC rpt. 100794107). This PAC then forwarded Kadke’s money to a related PAC, Truth for Washington, for the hit piece.

According to the report filed with the PDC, Kadke used funds from his Real Estate Investment Company, Avistone, out of California. So here we have my opponent’s primary supporter using funds from his California real estate development company, hiding behind a PAC, and sending out a hit piece.

To see the truth in response to the hit piece falsehoods, check my posts on my Jill Guernsey For Mayor facebook page. And please SHARE this post with your facebook friends.

Reject my opponent’s lies and attempts to hide money behind layers of Political Action Committees!

Vote for experience and leadership in this election, not lies and trickery! Vote Jill Guernsey for Mayor of Gig Harbor!

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