Gig Harbor's Run-Away Code



The process to annex the GH North area of the City was lengthy.  It began with a 10% annexation petition (1991) to Comp Plan designation (1994) to Planning Commission zoning proposal (1995-96) to Council Zoning Hearings (1995-96) to Council's approving the final Zoning and Development Agreement (late 1996) to the final Annexation Ordinance #946 in 1997.  It took years and required approval from boards, councils, property owners, attorneys (including then City Attorney, Carol Morris), engineers, and planners in order to get the city, county, property owners, and Pope to line-up successfully.  Today's Development Agreement process resembles nothing like the ones of the past.


1997 Annexation & Development Agreement

Ordinance 746 details the Gig Harbor North Development Agreement

1999 Gig Harbor North Agreement

Ordinance 829 Gig Harbor North Development Agreement 

2009 Development Agreement | Amended

Ordinance 1170 details changes to the Development Agreement in 2009 

2013 Development Agreement

Ordinance 1256 was amended and a new downtown map that increased Council's "deviation authority" for that area was added.

2013 Building Height Limits in the Downtown

The Cheney One Harbor Point buildings are up to 42-ft in height.  This is in direct conflict with the community's 27-ft height limit adopted for the downtown by Ordinance 1275.  The Cheney proposal is also in direct conflict with Chapters 3 & 4 of the Gig Harbor Comprehensive Plan

The RCW below clearly states the intended limits of Development Agreements. More importantly, does a majority who live and own here want Downtown Gig Harbor subject to "zoning deviations" under Development Agreements?