Gig Harbor 2015 Comp Plan

(Excerpt from GH Comp Plan page 2-1)



Population Growth Target

Since the City adopted its Comprehensive Plan in 1994, the City has grown by 111 percent based on infill and annexations, adding 3,373 residents for a 2010 population of 7,126. Pierce County has allocated to the City an additional 3,437 residents by 2030 for a projected population of 10,563, as part of the County’s overall population forecast from the Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM). The City is required to plan for this OFM population target.

According to the analysis…, available capacity is sufficient to accommodate the forecasted growth. The existing capacity provides an excess of 78 percent above the projected need.

Gig Harbor Population as of 2016 .......... 9,065