Skansie Brothers Park Project

November 2017

When the heirs of what is now Skansie Brothers Park agreed to sell their family property to the City back in 2002, there was a commitment to preserve the open space on land and water. Brothers Antone and Vince Skansie wanted to ensure that our community and future generations have unrestricted access to the waterfront. That commitment was renewed when City Council approved Resolution 942 in 2013. 

The greatest benefit for our community is to protect the open space and maintain it for community use. The entire site was listed on the Gig Harbor Register of Historic Places (HR 11-0001) in 2011.  It is also listed on the prestigious National Register as an exceptional example of America's Maritime History.  (Skansie District NR Listing)

The Skansie Story is shared by hundreds of early fishing families that emigrated here beginning at the turn of the 20th century.  Those maritime traditions can still be found along our working waterfront and aboard Gig Harbor's Commercial Fishing Fleet. 

It was assumed that the Skansie Park District boundaries would be honored and that the registered site would be preserved.  Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

This year's Welcome Center Project threatens to degrade the historical integrity of Skansie Brothers Park.

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