Open Letter to Council


I’m writing from Juneau to voice my opposition to the Cheney project. 

Contrary to development team rhetoric, the project is not informed by, and does not honor in any way, the built heritage of our downtown waterfront.  The Process and Project have severely misfired and the development outcome, if sanctioned by council, would stand alone (for now) as a view basin deformity.

There are components included in the proposal, such as increased density or a gifted piece of waterfront that might be included in a thoughtful project. However the Cheney development team is not up to the task of designing an appropriate project for the site, of that I’m convinced.

Over the years I have had few disagreements with your decisions, including the Millville rezone, as all tend to be informed by our unique waterfront vernacular and are in keeping with an educated and considered view of a paced and thoughtful evolution of our downtown/waterfront. 

However the ‘Pandora’s Box’ metaphor for the Cheney project is an apt one. It is an inconsiderate out of scale development project that sets a precedent for future ill-considered character spoiling projects.  

This decision is one that will cement this council’s legacy, however you decide. 

I’m hoping that we will all look back and applaud this council for saying no to development that seeks to fundamentally redefine the scale and character of our beloved Gig Harbor downtown/waterfront.

Guy Hoppen | Gig Harbor Property Owner