Excerpt from Letter to the Editor from Warren Zimmerman | President Chamber of Commerce

“Friends and neighbors, the naysayers want you to make a false choice between One Harbor Point as proposed and … no change. Don’t fall for it because that is not going to happen. There will be change. The real choice is between a high quality community asset and an undesirable jumble of commercial and residential buildings.” 

... the no growth special interest naysayers are working hard to convince you that this worthy project is a conspiracy born of evil, rule-breaking developers and the city of Gig Harbor. They are spreading misinformation. Don’t believe them.

Is this the opinion of all members of the Chamber of Commerce?  Warren Zimmerman suggests that anyone who opposes the Cheney One Harbor Point project is "anti-development." And that our only choice is his vision (the Cheney’s) or we face an “undesirable jumble of commercial and residential building.” His statements are divisive and unenlightened. They do nothing to honor, inspire, or unite the goodwill in our community who care about preserving our town and applying our codes - equitably.

The silent majority – those who actually live and own property here -- are not trying to prevent change – to the contrary, we want BETTER change. The kind that enhances the character, scale, and livability of Gig Harbor neighborhoods and commercial districts.

These tired old development packages that promote “density” as the answer, are undoing authentic Downtowns throughout our region. At best, they are an uninspired sales pitch. 

We deserve better. Contact your representatives and let them know your opinion.

Lita Dawn Stanton | Downtown Property Owner and Gig Harbor Native