Open Letter from Jeff Katke


Mayor Guernsey has made false statements about me as follows; That a "hit piece" full of lies was primarily paid for by Me (Jeff Katke), and I quote “my opponents main financial supporter. Kadke used funds from his Real Estate Investment Company, Avistone, out of California. So here we have my opponent’s primary supporter using funds from his California real estate development company, hiding behind a PAC, and sending out a hit piece.”

These statements by Mayor Guernsey are false. I did not send out a hit piece on Jill Guernsey. I did not primarily pay for a hit piece on Jill Guernsey. I did not use funds from my California Real Estate company to pay for a hit piece on Jill Guernsey. I am not Kit Kuhn’s main financial supporter. My personal contribution to Kit Kuhn’s campaign is less than $1000.  In addition, the implication of Mayor Guernsey’s facebook post is that Kit Kuhn or Four Gig Harbor, the political slate that is supporting Kit Kuhn, were behind this hit piece. Neither Kit Kuhn nor Four Gig Harbor had anything to do with creating or sending out a hit piece on Jill Guernsey. In addition, these false allegations have taken on a life of their own. Rahna Lovrovich has apparently taken Mayor Guernsey’s false allegations at face value and has piled on with even more egregious false statements, such as Kit Kuhn is the millionaires puppet. This is false and offensive. Kit Kuhn is rock solid man of character. He is not and would never be anyone’s puppet.

However in the spirit of full disclosure, I did know about the intention of a group of Gig Harbor residents who were unhappy with the Jill Guernsey administration to send out a negative mailer on her performance as mayor. What I did do, was to advise them not to send a negative piece on Jill and rather send out a positive mailer on Kit. They did not accept my suggestion and wanted to publish a piece highlighting what they believed were the failures of Mayor Guernsey’s administration. Since they were unwilling to take my suggestion regarding a positive mailer on Kit, I advised them to be sure that their mailer was truthful and accurate. They agreed to be sure the mailer was truthful and accurate. They also asked me to contribute to a PAC that was supporting them. I declined, but after several phone requests gave-in and donated. I wrote a check to them from my Gig Harbor business Katke Holdings LLC account.

I agree with the publishers of the negative mailer. Mayor Guernsey has not done a good job of running our city. I don’t agree that negative attacks are a good tactic. However, I reserve my individual right to donate to whomever I want to.