Why I support Kit Kuhn for Mayor of Gig Harbor


I’ve known Kit Kuhn for decades. Kit‘s a good guy and was a successful downtown Gig Harbor business owner. As mayor, Kit Kuhn will work hard to revive trust in local government. A Kit Kuhn Administration will re-inject leadership qualities at city hall: 

  • As mayor, Kit Kuhn will be accessible to all his Gig Harbor constituents.  
  • A Kit Kuhn Administration will be transparent, professional and competent.  
  • Wise citizen politicians engage professional administrators; Kit Kuhn has promised to search for, and hire, a qualified and experienced city administrator.  
  • Kit Kuhn will listen to citizens that take valuable time away from family and work to weigh in on  local issues important to them.

This election finds historic downtown Gig Harbor at a crossroads. The two mayoral candidates, Kuhn and the incumbent, offer Gig Harborites polar opposite visions for development of our historic downtown/waterfront. It’s a stark contrast. 

The current mayor is promoting a redo for Gig Harbor’s historic core; a radical overhaul that increases density, building heights, etc., all at the expense of our history, character, balance and scale.  

This was demonstrated a few months ago with the mayor’s tie-breaking council vote in support of the proposed Cheney project -- an example of radical growth that completely ignores Gig Harbor’s history and character. The sitting mayor clearly champions this deeply unpopular development track; a track that awards special privileges and rights to developers. And, should she get re-elected, you can be sure this process will be repeated over, and over again as developers are encouraged to overreach and overbuild on every significant downtown/waterfront parcel. Think Kirkland or Bellevue... A vote for the incumbent is a vote to radically alter the character of Gig Harbor’s core.

Kit Kuhn believes, as I believe, that development in Gig Harbor’s historic core should be informed by the Harbor’s unique downtown/waterfront vernacular.  Projects should balance with our existing built environment, honoring, not ignoring, that which makes Gig Harbor so unique and charming.  

This is not a no-growth platform, it’s not an anti-development position -- it is a broad, visionary plan --  an enlightened strategy that will pay dividends to residents, business owners, and visitors in years to come as they spend their time in one of the last best places on Puget Sound.  

Only one candidate can deliver this plan and make it happen. That’s why I strongly support Kit Kuhn for Mayor.

Guy Hoppen

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