Councilmember Lovrovich Facebook Post

October 22, 2017

As someone who joined city council because I truly cared about my community, I have been increasingly frustrated by the lies, misinformation, hypocrisy, duplicity, and character assassination that the majority of the current candidates and/or their supporters have stooped to. Jill’s post is spot on. In addition, Mr Katke is President of the committee, 4 Gig Harbor, and he is joined by another millionaire, Ronald Roarke. Mr. Roarke has made no secret that he hates our codes because they are too restrictive and he can’t build what he wants on our waterfront. They have bought and paid for a majority of those currently running for office in Gig Harbor. It’s all there on the PDC website. Citizens of Gig Harbor do not be fooled by the rhetoric being disseminated by a group that consists of too many people that live outside the city limits but want to influence how you vote. Do you want two multimillionaires acting behind the scenes as puppet masters? Or do you want someone who truly cares and has the knowledge and service to back it up? I’m voting for

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