An Encouraging Vote

Another standing-room-only crowd spoke eloquently against giving special "deviation" allowances to the Cheneys for their One Harbor Point Project located in Downtown Gig Harbor. An overwhelming number of local residents, property owners and people who care about the future of Gig Harbor urged City Council to deny the application.  

In a surprise turn of events, three Council members listened.

Councilman Steve Ekberg began by stating that, contrary to those that assumed he'd already made up his mind, the testimony from the audience had an impact. He apologized to the Cheneys and voted to deny further processing of the application. Ken Malich and Rahna Lovrovich also voted to reject the application. 

But with only three other Council members present (Tim Payne did not attend), a tie vote meant Mayor Guernsey would be the tie-breaker. It came as no surprise when she killed the motion to deny the project and then became the deciding vote to proceed with the Cheney application. 

There is no question that this community's letters, emails, and testimonies are powerful because three of our Council members made the difficult decision to represent what they heard.

Is it over? Not yet. If the Cheneys do decide to continue their push to develop the Haub property, the application will be forwarded to the Design Review Board. Once reviewed, it will be sent back to Council for public input and another vote. Final approval of the One Harbor Point project requires a super-majority (5 votes) from Council. 

It is only through your continued input that our community is represented. Please Email your City Council

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