Ray Troll and the RatFish Wranglers 

If you’re looking for a fun and uniquely Alaskan Show bolstered with wild maritime humor, check out Gig Harbor BoatShop’s concert offering 6pm Tuesday | February 21, 2017.

Ray Troll and the Ratfish Wranglers are one of the most unique bands in the Pacific Northwest. They are touring Western Washington in February with stops in Port Townsend, Gig Harbor and Seattle. 

They are a wild bunch of artist-musiycians hailing from the town of Ketchikan that play what some have described as sub-aquatic neo-folk n’ fish-punk-rock. One never knows who is going to be ‘wrangled’ into this band of pranksters but at it’s core are well known Alaskan Fish artist Ray Troll and his partner in slime “Ratfish” Russell Wodehouse.

Go to Gig Harbor BoatShop for concert and ticket details.