Council Initiates Cheney Project Review

PUBLIC HEARING | Mon - June 26, 2017 - 5:30 pm

Gig Harbor Civic Center | 3510 Grandview Street | 98335

Ben. B. Cheney Foundation proposes a revised Development Agreement for ONE HARBOR POINT to allow the development of 29 dwelling units within 10 townhouse structures on the triangular-shaped upland site. The Development Agreement would allow the following deviations to the requirements of the Gig Harbor Municipal Code:  

  • allow tri-plex & four-plex use of the upland RB-1 District zoned property
  • decrease required building setbacks
  • increase allowable impervious coverage
  • increase maximum allowable residential density
  • increase allowable building heights
  • allow removal of all significant vegetation
  • decrease separation between structures
  • deviate from required architectural design standards

PLEASE submit your input IN WRITING directly to Senior Planner Peter Katich or send your letter to the City at the address above.  

NOTE: Written input from realtors and pro-development advocates who live OUTSIDE city limits are being solicited by the developers and accepted by the City.  Gig Harbor residents and those living beyond city limits -- please submit your input and testify during Monday's meeting.

Below is the Growth Management Board appeal filed on June 13, 2017, on behalf of adjacent property owner and neighbor, Jeffrey Katke.  

GMA Appeal | Katke vs. City of Gig Harbor  

If One Harbor Point is approved, the only benefactors of this project will be the developers, the land owners, and those that rent the Cheney dwelling units.