City Buys Haub Property 

May 14, 2018

At long last and thanks to the leadership of Mayor Kit Kuhn and a unanimous vote from City Council, a contract to purchase the Triangle Property owned by the Haubs was approved during Monday evening's Council Meeting.

Harbor Mountain Trees.jpg

2017's opposition of the Cheney's plan to develop the property known as One Harbor Point was one of many issues that fueled a sweeping push for new leadership at City Hall.  Citizen turn-out resulted in unprecedented change: Mayor Kit Kuhn and five new Council members (Spencer Abersold, Jim Franich, Bob Himes, Spencer Hutchins, and Jeni Woock).

Thanks to the tenacity of everyone who called, testified, wrote letters, and door-belled, our community maintained an exceptional and healthy stand of trees for today and future generations.  Congratutions to all! 

ariel trees.jpg

If you'd like to send your own comments to the Mayor or City Council, go to Contact your Representatives