One Harbor Update

May 2, 2017

The City hosted the One Harbor Point presentation to another standing-room-only crowd on Monday, May 1.

Cheney representatives were given 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted time with the Planning & Building Committee (Councilmembers Kadzik and Lovrovich). Again, NO PUBLIC INPUT was allowed.

The goal for the Downtown (according to the Cheney's) is to increase residential density"It is the earmark of any good book on urban design," their consultants said. Their consultants also say that an extensive traffic study analyzed "one day in November" and determined that "there will be very little impact. "

In spite of a majority of residents in this historic neighborhood that oppose the project, Cheney representatives are working to convince Council that it's good for Gig Harbor. Adding to the confusion, the City has adopted a process that appears to silence the public in favor of the applicant. 

A Public Open House for Cheney's One Harbor Point is set (below).  Submit your written comments (for the record) to Peter Katich at the City. 

OPEN HOUSEMon - May 24, 2017 - 4 to7 pm

Gig Harbor Civic Center | 3510 Grandview Street


(in bold below, circulated during the May 1 meeting)

"We have support from Gig Harbor residents for One Harbor Point." 

Representatives continue to dismiss growing neighborhood and Gig Harbor opposition to the project.  


"One Harbor Point maintains the scale and character of the adjacent neighborhoods."

The project does not maintain the historic scale of the neighborhood.  It is too big and does nothing to fit-in or contribute to the district.


"Most buildings are two-story..."

The publication does not disclose the 42-ft height of other buildings. (One of nine total buildings of varying sizes.) 


"No Views Will be Lost... However over time the Green Turtle site may be redeveloped." 

This disclosure suggests future over-development of the Green Turtle waterfront parcels using the City's flawed Development Agreement process. As for creating views... The illustration below used over and over again is notably misleading -- only possible if one is suspended in the air or using a drone. Despite the marketing effort underway, for the most part, pedestrians and cars at street level will see buildings, not improved waterviews.

The link below offers legal considerations for denying the project.prepared by local attorney Carol Morris on behalf of resident Jeffrey Katke.


Development Agreement | BLOG Posts

Charade (definition)  "An absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance."