Facebook posts from Mayor Guernsey (see post) and Councilmember Rahna Lovrovich accuse “her opponent and his supporters” of sending out a “hit piece full of lies.”



Kit Kuhn, his Election Campaign Committee, and the slate of City Council candidates did not create, nor finance the Political Mailer. It has been confirmed that the publication was created and funded by independent citizens who organized on their own to fund, publish, and circulate a list of grievances. 

Councilmember Rahna Lovrovich co-signed Guernsey’s accusations claiming “a majority of current candidates and their supporters" are stooping to “lies, misinformation, hypocrisy, duplicity,” and “character assassination…”

She goes on to say Jeff Katke and Ron Roark “bought and paid for a majority of those currently running for office.”  She asks, “Do you want two multimillionaires acting behind the scenes as puppet masters?” (see Lovrovich post)

Local resident Jeff Katke personally contributed to the Truth for Washington PAC without prior knowledge of their publication content.  "Kit and his Campaign Committee had nothing to do with it."  Katke refuted Mayor Guernsey and Councilmember Lovrovich's posts with a written statement and attended Monday's Council meeting (October 16) to set the record straight but was cut off by Guernsey during his testimony. (see Katke statement

Political Mailer sent to Gig Harbor Residents