Wilkinson Barn

The Wilkinson Farm is a 16.3 acre site located at 4118 Rosedale Street NW near the city’s downtown. The property was developed as a dairy and subsistence farm by the Wilkinson family in the early 20th Century and was occupied by original family members for nearly a century. The earliest known remaining structure on the site is the Barn, which was constructed in 1914 - 1915.

In October 2001, the City of Gig Harbor purchased the site that includes a pristine 2-story craftsman farmhouse, the well preserved (1915) gambrel roof dairy barn, 3 of the original outbuildings, a former holly orchard, meadows and a large wetlands set against a steep wooded hillside. The Wilkinson Farm remains a tangible link to Gig Harbor’s agrarian past, and exemplifies the hardy perseverance of one pioneer family.  In 2008 it was added to Washington State's list of historic barns. 

Wilkinson Farm Historic Structures Report